Our Focus

SUSTAINABILITY – For the Next Generation!

The CSEAO focuses on empowering young people and their communities to develop programmes/actions to address socio-economic and environmental issues. The CSEAO aims at addressing issues such as poverty alleviation and youth employment, climatic changes, impact of natural disasters/hazards, water management, conservation and waste management and other natural resource management issues. CSEAO views youth as an important and critical development resource. It is dedicated to developing strategies to engage and facilitate their participation in the development process.

Over the next five years the CSEAO will be focusing on:


Assist with sustainable livelihood development in harmony with the natural environment. A special focus will be placed on youth, particularly with regard to:

  • Climate change and the impact of natural hazards
  • Water conservation and water management
  • Sustainable agriculture and land management
  • Solid waste management
  • Natural resources management, specifically the issue of land degradation.
  • Promoting youth entrepreneurship with a focus on the environment

Climate Change
Facilitate the mitigation of climate change by promoting Climate Change Resiliency

Sustainable Development
Develop and promote the sustainable use of all-natural resources

Green Peace

Holistic development of the persons associated with and living at-risk communities through our “Green Living” approach.  Green Peace will create demonstration projects focusing on youth involvement in sustainable livelihoods as a tool for managing natural resources.